Passion and quality for more than 40 years

Today, Valplast is a leader on the market in the production of alternative rubber spare parts for household appliances, produced by high-tech production equipment.
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Valplast was founded by Mr. Alvaro Valli  in 1980 and it is well known all over the word for its quality, enhanced by the synergy created with the other company of the group, Ralgom Italia S.r.l specialized in the production of Plastic parts.


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VALPLAST di Alvaro Valli
Via Bolgare, 2/B 24060 Carobbio degli Angeli (BG)
  • +39 035.4256647 Sales Italy
  • +39 035.4256648 Sales Worldwide
  • +39 035.4256643 Sales Worldwide
  • +39 035.4256649 Sales Russia and Eastern Europe
Fax 035.4256650

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